PokerStars VIP Blast Off Club

After a highly successful year in 2011, it appears that PokerStars has resolved to be even better in 2012 with their VIP Blast Off Club. The VIP Blast Off Club is essentially a number of special bonuses, promotions and discounts that will be offered to PokerStars players throughout the month of January. Since there’s a lot to cover, we’ll get right into each promo.

VIP Ring Game Happy Hours – From now until January 29th, Stars is giving online poker players the opportunity to earn 50% more VIP Player Points (VPPs) and Frequent Player Points (FPPs) during Happy Hours. The select Happy Hours are as follows:
January 2nd–8th @ 4:00 ET
January 9th–15th @ 10:00 ET
January 16th–22nd @ 16:00 ET
January 23rd–29th @ 22:00 ET

Discounted TCOOP Tickets and PokerStars Merchandise – PokerStars is running the highly anticipated Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) event from January 19th–29th, and the best place to get tickets for the event is the PokerStars VIP Store. That’s because Stars is selling discounted TCOOP tickets under the “Online Tournament Tickets” section in the VIP Store. There’s a limited amount of tickets, and each person can only purchase one TCOOP ticket. Also, over 100 merchandise items are being sold at huge discounts, with some merchandise being marked down 60%.

Pace Bonus – The PlatinumStar and Supernova players will be able to earn a special cash bonus based on how many VPPs they accumulate during January. The bonuses are worth between $100 and $300.

Exclusive VIP Tournaments – Any SilverStar VIP player or higher will have the option to play in weekly $30k VIP poker tournaments every Saturday (14:30 ET) in January. Players who choose to play will have to ante up 100 FPPs. In addition to these events, there is also a $100k VIP tournament on January 28th at 15:00 ET. GoldStar members and higher get into this tournament for free, while SilverStar members need to play in satellites.

TCOOP Satellites – Going back to the TCOOP, if you miss out on discounted tournament tickets, there are going to be plenty of satellites running specifically for PokerStars VIP members. SilverStar members and higher should look in the lobby under Tourney > VIP to find the special satellites.

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