Everest Poker – $1 Vacation Tournaments

Most of us dream about vacationing in an exotic destination complete with sandy beaches and palm trees. Unfortunately, the more likely scenario involves a four-hour car ride to some lame campsite or lake because you don’t have several thousand dollars to spend on a dream vacation. But at Everest Poker, nothing is unrealistic if you play in their $1 Vacation Tournaments, where you can win an amazing trip in just a few simple steps.

The first step involves finding a $1 Vacation tourney by looking in the poker software at Everest. Once you’ve registered, you need to cash in one of these events to earn a $200 eTicket + $15 cash. You then browse the live events currently listed at Everest, and use your winnings to cover the Direct Entry for the satellite of your choice. Win the satellite and you’ll soon be on a flight to the poker tournament vacation of your dreams!

Some of the current live events that Everest members can play for right now include the 2012 EPT Deauville and the Mazagan Poker Million. As for the EPT Deauville trip, players can compete for a $10,000 prize package, which includes $7,500 for the seat and $2,500 in spending money for two people. The picturesque seaside setting of Deauville is definitely one bonus of playing in this tournament, while an even bigger bonus is that the Main Event prize pool is expected to exceed €4,000,000.

As for the Mazagan Poker Million, Everest is offering $3,000 prize packages with $1,900 of the money going towards the tournament, and $1,100 set aside for travel and spending money. The spending money will definitely come in handy since this poker tournament will be located at Morocco’s Mazagan Beach Resort, which offers a five-star hotel, a luxury spa, golfing, casino gaming, fine dining, a nightclub and plenty of Oceanside activities.

It’s definitely worth playing for both the EPT Deauville and Mazagan Poker Million prize packages since it only costs a dollar to compete for these dream vacations.

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