Free Poker Tips from the Pros

Most poker players don’t bother with seeking out professional coaching or training right away because this costs money. Instead, beginning online poker players like to gauge how successful they can be on their own, then they consider poker training afterward. Of course, none of these players realize that you can actually get free poker tips from the pros just by becoming a RakeTheRake member. Going further, getting training immediately shortens the amount of time it takes for you to become a successful poker player.

Opening a RakeTheRake account is completely free, and when you do so, you’ll have the opportunity to get free poker coaching at DragTheBar. With a DragTheBar membership, you get to learn poker from some of the top online players in the game since this site employs 30 professional coaches. You can also expect to see 40 videos uploaded every week, and a total library of over 1,000 videos. And no matter if you play NL Hold’em, Limit Hold’em, MTT’s or SNG’s, there is a DragTheBar coach for you.

Aside from learning poker for free through top-notch players, you can also expect to find a number of excellent rakeback deals at RTR. Rakeback deals are huge for serious poker players because they pay you back a sizeable percentage of the fees that online poker rooms charge. For example, if you had Cake Poker’s 33% rakeback deal and you bought into a $30 + $3 (rake) tournament, you would receive almost $1 back.

As you can see, it definitely pays to take advantage of the top rakeback deals available. It also helps matters when you add good rakeback deals in with other perks like a solid VIP program and big poker tournaments. Assuming you’re looking for this bundle, some good online poker rooms to look at include Party Poker, Americas Cardroom and WPT Poker.

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