PokerStars Pro Randy Lew breaks World Record

Those who closely follow online poker already know that Randy “Nanonoko” Lew is one of the best multi-tabling players in the game today. Nanonoko has become legendary for his quick decision-making, high-volume multi-tabling and impressive results. A testament to Lew’s skills is that he’s made millions of dollars, despite normally playing $5/$10 NL Hold’em games and lower.

Recently, the Team PokerStars Online member decided to push his skills to the limit by trying to break the Guinness World Record for most online poker hands played in eight hours. Seeing as how the previous record was 23,492 hands (2,336 hands per hour) and he had to show a profit at the end, this was no small order.

Lew chose the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for the setting of his record-breaking attempt. Unfortunately, the early part of this world record attempt did not go well for Nanonoko since he was losing over $1,200 in the middle stages while trying to keep up with 40 tables. He talked to PokerStars about this down point in the challenge by saying, “I really was running horrible. But I was trying to stay focused like ‘You can’t let this get to you.’ But I still played well and tried to play my best, and eventually it worked out.”

This prompted Lew to move up from the $1/$2 holdem poker stakes he was playing to $5/$10 games. The move worked like a charm because Nanonoko was able to start making some profits again, and give himself a realistic shot at the record. As he closed in on the record, Lew decreased the amount of poker tables he was playing to ensure a profit.

After reaching hand number 23,493 and a $7.65 profit, the exhausted grinder stopped to relish in his victory. Shortly after setting the Guinness World Record for most hands in eight hours, Lew told PokerStars, “I had a crowd. Everyone clapped for me. I was reading chat while I was playing. I probably shouldn’t have. But people were like ‘Go, Randy, go!’ So, it kept me pumped, and it is a good feeling when people want you to win.”

With the added publicity from setting this world record, you can bet that Lew will have even more people cheering him on to win in the future.

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