Rakeback Facts from RakeTheRake

If you’re new to online poker, or just don’t know much about the concept of rakeback, it’s always helpful to look at the facts on this subject. After all, rakeback can go a long way towards saving you lots of money and increasing your overall profits. So with this being said, here are some interesting facts that you should know about online poker rakeback.

Rakeback Percentages vary from Site to Site – Many rakeback deals differ in how much money you receive from them. For example, if you sign up at Americas Cardroom through RakeTheRake, you can get a 27% rakeback deal; assuming you sign up for Minted Poker’s 40% rakeback offer. Obviously the goal here is to get the top rakeback deals possible, but you should also consider other factors when signing up such as the VIP program benefits, player traffic, player competition and promotions.

Rakeback is a Refund on the Rake you pay – Those who aren’t entirely clear on how rakeback is paid out should note that it’s a refund on the rake they’re charged by online poker sites. For example, if you pay $100 in rake throughout the week via cash games and poker tournaments, you’d be owed $40 under a 40% rakeback deal.

Poker Affiliates pay the Rakeback – One common misconception among poker beginners is that the online poker sites themselves pay rakeback. However, it’s actually affiliate sites like RakeTheRake that pay rakeback out of the commissions they receive. So if you want to receive rakeback, you need to go through an affiliate site, and then sign up at an online poker room.

Rakeback Pay Dates differ – The exact date when you’ll be paid your rakeback money varies between poker sites. In most cases, rakeback payments are either made every two weeks or each month, but there’s no uniform timetable.

There is no Limit to how much you can earn through Rakeback – One nice thing about rakeback is that there’s no limit to how much money you can earn through this deal. In other words, poker sites don’t cut you off after $1,000 in rakeback earnings or anything like that. However, keep in mind that rake is usually capped at $3 per hand, so the amount of rakeback you can get in an individual hand will be limited. But only people who play higher stakes need to worry about this.

Many Online Poker Players make their Living through Rakeback – While many people think professional online poker players earn all of their money through the games, the reality is that plenty of players count on rakeback to make a living. Some of the pros break even on the tables (or even lose a little money), but play so many poker hands that they make big profits through rakeback. So take note of this if you’ve ever been interested in playing online poker for a job.

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