Beginners Poker Strategy

Whether you’re new to online poker or not, chances are that you know the game involves plenty of skill. And the more measures you take to learn poker strategy before visiting the cyber felt, the better the chances that you’ll be successful in online poker from the start. Keeping this in mind, here are some things you should do in terms of beginners poker strategy to make sure your early poker days go smoothly.

1) Be Selective in the Hands you play – The most important beginners poker tip is to be selective in the hands you play preflop. Sure it’s tempting to play lots of poker hands just to see what will turn up on the flop, but you need to consider all of the money you could be losing when the flop isn’t good. Even when you do hit something on the flop, it can put you in a very difficult situation. For example, if you have As-5h on a flop of Ah-Jd-3s, you’ve got top pair, but the 5h kicker is extremely weak and will be beaten by A-6 or better. Long story short, don’t only think about your hand preflop, but also what situations it will put you in postflop. And remember that folding is one of the best moves in online poker!

2) Always consider Table Position – Aside from the cards you hold, poker table position is the biggest beginners poker concept that players need to learn right away. The reason why is because the later you act in a hand, the more information you have to go off of when making decisions. The best seat to be in is the dealer (button) spot because they act last in the hand (postflop), while seats to the dealer’s right are also fairly desirable. With late position, you get to see who’s raised and shown strength in their hand, which is a huge advantage. If you’re in early position (seats closest to the dealer’s left), you need a stronger hand to play because you’ve got less information to act on.

3) Watch Opponents’ Betting Patterns – You’ve probably heard that online poker is just as much about knowing opponents as it is about the cards you hold. And the best way to understand an opponent in online poker is by watching their betting patterns. Every player has specific betting tendencies based on the strength of their hand, and you’ll move a lot closer to realizing these tendencies when you watch how they bet from each position. For example, some players will bet big in the dealer’s seat with weak cards because they’re hoping to steal the hand. Others will check/call with strong hands in hopes that somebody will raise them, thus setting up a potential trap. The more attention you pay to detail during games, the better you’ll be at figuring out opponents.

4) Always bet with a Purpose – One of the most common beginners poker mistakes out there is not having a goal when making bets. All of the internet poker bets you make should fall into two main categories: forcing a fold (bluffing), or betting for value (getting an opponent to call). When betting to force a fold, you only want to bet the minimum amount that you think will get the job done; otherwise, you risk losing your chip stack when somebody has a great hand. So don’t just raise all-in when bluffing, but instead, raise just the right amount to where that specific opponent will fold. When betting for value with a good hand, the idea here is to make the maximum wager that you think the opponent is willing to call. Basically, you don’t want to scare the other player(s) out of a hand when you’re ahead.

5) Get a Top Rakeback Deal – If you’re totally new to poker, there’s a good chance that you haven’t hear of online poker rakeback. Even if you have heard of it, you may not be entirely clear on how rakeback works. In any case, to get a rakeback deal you need to sign up through a poker affiliate site because you’re essentially splitting their commission for recruiting you. And if you signed up for a 40% rakeback offer at Minted Poker, you would receive 40% of the money back that you pay in poker rake. Assuming you bought into a $100 + $10(rake) poker tournament, the rake would now be reduced to $6.

Looking at things from a broad perspective, the world of poker strategy is seemingly endless, but if you keep the aforementioned five points in mind, it will help you get off to a good start.

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