Everleaf Gaming forced to pull out of US and French Markets

Everleaf Gaming, a network of independent online cardrooms, has been forced to amend its conditions – to which players have had to agree to before seeing the cashier or player admin areas. Online poker players in Malta were already restricted from using Everleaf Gaming, but the new amended conditions include France and the USA in the list of restricted countries. Term #18 of the new conditions states:

“No person who is resident in Malta, France and USA may open an account, play, or in any other way participate in the ELG offerings and/or services”

Yesterday ‘MintedNeil’ (Minted Poker Rep) posted on the TwoPlusTwo forum confirming that US online poker players would shortly be banned from the network. Neil also confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security had issued a letter instructing ELG to cease and desist operations in the USA, under threat of legal enforcement against the network.

Minted Poker players have been assured that all monies held (in the US and the rest of the world) are secure and ring-fenced. The Maltese Licensing Authority is reportedly going to aid in discussions about how funds can be cashed out to those online poker players affected.  The European network will continue to run, but all existing accounts must be converted to Euro accounts, and obviously all US-based players will no longer play at the tables at Minted Poker or any other Everleaf Gaming partnered online poker rooms.

Reliable sources outside of ELG have confirmed that, starting tomorrow, the network will be making a series of announcements regarding the situation and process.

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