Who Benefits the Most from Rakeback?

Even though different players will benefit from rakeback to varying degrees, the first thing to say is that all online poker players will benefit from a rakeback deal. After all, rakeback is a refund on the fees you pay the online poker rooms, so getting some of this money back helps your overall profits immensely. Interestingly enough though, there are some players who benefit more than others from rakeback deals. This being the case, it’s worth taking a closer look at the players who get the most out of rakeback. Before that though, let’s just clarify how rake is calculated…

The first thing worth understanding here is how much rake online poker sites take as a fee for running the games. The average room takes 5% out of each cash game pot and 10% out of each poker tournament buy-in. So if a pot was worth $5, the poker site would take $0.25 in rake; if a tournament buy-in was $10, the room would tack on an extra $1 for the rake fee. In order to encourage more high stakes play, online poker rooms usually cap the amount of rake they take from cash game hands at $3. So if a pot reached $500, the poker site wouldn’t take 5% ($25); instead, they would only take $3. While there is no set cap for poker tournament rake, this is often lowered too as buy-ins increase. For example, a $500 buy-in might only be accompanied by $25 rake instead of the usual 10% ($50).

So, seeing as how the amount of rake taken gets smaller as you increase in stakes, low and mid-stakes players are the ones who benefit from rakeback the most. After all, these players are usually facing a 5% rake handicap on every hand, and the rakeback cuts this handicap down quite a bit. For example, if you had the 40% rakeback deal at Minted Poker, the rake taken is essentially cut down to 3%.

Now this certainly isn’t to say that high stakes poker players don’t benefit from rakeback as well. For example, if a cash game pot was $3,000 and the rake taken was $3, players would get $1.20 back under the Minted Poker rakeback deal. However, you also have to consider that only 1% of the pot is being taken as rake, so the rewards aren’t as significant. In any case, it’s always helpful to have an online poker rakeback deal – especially when you play low and mid-stakes! You can also add even more value to your online poker by checking out RakeTheRake’s monthly promotions.

If you want to know more about how Rakeback works, then you can watch our ‘What Is Rakeback?’ video, and find out all you need to know in the RakeTheRake Support section.

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