Americas Cardroom Bad Beat Jackpot pays over $350k

Six players at Americas Cardroom shared in a massive $350,544 bad beat jackpot after “Poohbah911” had his quad aces cracked. The setting for this bad beat hand was a 6-max NL Hold’em table and the blinds were $0.25/$0.50. With pocket aces, Poohbah911 made a $1.50 raise, while “Toptrainer” called from the small blind with 2d-3d.

The flop was Ad-4d-Ah, which prompted Toptrainer to check and Poohbah911 did the same with quad aces. The turn brought a 5d, which gave Toptrainer a straight flush, but both players chose to check again. A meaningless 6h was dealt on the river, and Toptrainer raised to $1.88 while Poohbah911 re-raised to $5.64; this convinced Toptrainer to shove his stack in and Poohbad911 called.

The actual pot was a mere side note when this was revealed to be a qualifying bad beat jackpot hand. Seeing as how Poohbah911 suffered the bad beat, he earned a 30% share of the hand which was $175,232. Toptrainer also got a nice 20% share of the prize at $116,809. The other four players dealt into this hand all received $14,605, and this included “Word Son” who shared in his third Americas Cardroom bad beat jackpot in the past year.

Perhaps even more impressive than this is the fact that the bad beat sufferer, Poohbah911, has only been playing online poker at Americas Cardroom for a week. ACR spokesman Julius Maxwell reiterated this fact by saying, “The native Californian opened his account less than a week ago, turning his $100 deposit into a $175,000 payday. Talk about a great signup bonus!”

If you’re interested in playing for the Americas Cardroom bad beat jackpot, you should sign up for the site at RakeTheRake so that you also receive a 27% rakeback deal. The rakeback offer ensures that you’ll be getting plenty of money back while you chase down the massive jackpot prize. As for the qualifications for winning the Americas Cardroom bad beat jackpot, you need to keep the following in mind:

– The jackpot is unlocked when one player at a qualifying table (marked BBJ) loses with quad 8’s or better; both hole cards must be used by the winning and losing players.

– Players at $0.05/$0.10 BBJ tables will unlock 10% of the total jackpot on a qualifying hand, those at $0.10/$0.25 stakes unleash 50% of the total jackpot, and players on $0.25/$0.50 tables unlock 100% of the Americas Cardroom bad beat jackpot.

– When the BBJ is unlocked, 30% of the prize goes to the bad beat sufferer, 20% goes to the bad beat deliverer, 10% is divided amongst the remaining players at the table, 30% goes to reseeding the next jackpot and 10% is paid to Americas Cardroom for running the promotion.

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