Dealt Rakeback vs. Shared Rakeback

One common misconception in the online poker world is that dealt rakeback and shared rakeback are interchangeable. However, the reality is that these two types of rakeback are not the same, and the difference could have a big impact on you, depending on your playing style. So in order to clear up any confusion among online poker players, here’s a quick look at dealt rakeback vs. shared rakeback.

Dealt Rakeback – With dealt rakeback, every player who is dealt into a hand is credited with an equal share of the rake. For example, if 10 players are dealt into a hand and $1.00 in rake is generated, every player will be credited for contributing $0.10 in rake – regardless of whether or not they bet anything at all. In terms of rakeback, if a player had a 40% rakeback deal like the one at Minted Poker, they’d get $0.04 back under the dealt rakeback model ($0.10 x 0.40).

Those who benefit the most from dealt rakeback are really tight players because they can simply fold hands preflop without betting anything, yet still earn rakeback money. One popular online poker site that uses the dealt method is Cake Poker, which offers RakeTheRake players a 33% rakeback offer.

Shared (or Contributed) Rakeback – It’s easy to understand why the internet poker community gets dealt rakeback and shared rakeback confused because the term “shared” implies that everybody will be sharing the money equally. However, this is not the case because with shared rakeback, only those who actually contribute something to the pot receive rakeback money. So even if you only folded from the small blind in a pot that grows to be worth $4, you would share an equal amount of this money with other players who contributed. Assuming there were four players (including you) contributing to the $4 pot, and you had a 30% rakeback deal like the one at Paradise Poker, you’d receive $0.30 in rakeback [($4 / 4) x 0.30].

As for this sort of rakeback deal, those in the beginners poker category often benefit the most because the looser, more aggressive players get the majority of the rakeback. After all, many beginning poker players aren’t totally clear on being selective with their poker hands, so they end up contributing to a lot of different pots, and subsequently receiving more shared rakeback.

The bottom line is to find out what type of rakeback the poker room you’re interested in offers, and use your playing style/online poker experience to choose the best rakeback deal for you. Experienced players often prefer dealt rakeback because they like to play tighter and wait for really good hands, so keep this thought in mind.

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