UK Man chasing Phil Laak’s 115-Hour Poker Record

A UK man named Barry Denson is embarking on the biggest challenge of his casino poker career after announcing his intention to break the poker endurance record. Currently, American poker pro Phil Laak holds the record since he played for 115 straight hours in June of 2010.

Phil Laak

If Denson wants to take this record down, he’d better be prepared to push his body to the limits. When Laak set the record, he lost track of where he was after about 90 hours of playing. The “Unabomber” was quoted as saying, “I thought I was in a foreign land and not in Las Vegas. None of it made sense.” He added, “I kept giving the cards back to the dealer like I was folding. I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing. My nutritionist told me to eat yams to get my brain fed and back on track.”

Fortunately for Denson, he’s not entirely inexperienced when it comes to taxing his body or putting in long hours at the poker table. The Manchester native is a former Territorial Army solider, and he frequently plays poker at the Manchester G Casino in the “Nuts Poker League.”

Also known as “Jack 8 Potato,” Denson’s heart is certainly in the right place with this poker record attempt since he’s playing for the charity “Help for Heroes.” He spoke about this by saying, “Help for Heroes supports our wounded (and) provides practical direct support to those servicemen and women wounded in the line of duty in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

It’s a shame that Barry Denson isn’t trying to set the poker endurance record while playing online poker. After all, playing more than 115 hours of online poker would sure lead to a lot of rakeback, and more money for his charitable cause. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t be surprising if Denson earns thousands of dollars for his charity because former poker endurance record holder and Londoner, Paul Zimbler, raised over $30,000 when he set the record back in 2009.

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