TV’s Jonathan Ross looking for Online Poker Sites

British TV presenter Jonathan Ross is more than experienced in the television world, having hosted long-running shows like Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and The British Comedy Awards. However, “Wossy” isn’t quite so seasoned when it comes to online poker – which became apparent when he recently logged onto twitter to ask for advice on where he could play.

While lying sick in bed, looking to learn poker, Ross tweeted, “Good evening. I have been in bed most of the day, sick. If you are a poker player, which is the best online site to play on? I am learning.”

PokerStars pro Victoria Coren was quick to recruit the TV star as she tweeted, “I am OFFENDED you think only Twitter can help you here..! *tsk* Your first answer is PokerStars. Do email any further questions…x”. Coren is definitely the right person to be dispensing advice on poker sites since she’s 12th in all-time tournament winnings (with $1,476,668) among women.  Ross was appreciative of the help, responding to Coren with: “many thanks will try a few hands then retire when i am the king of poker!!! The crown will be mine, oh yes…”

Interestingly enough, Coren wasn’t the only one trying to steer Wossy to the world’s largest online poker site, receiving the following tweet from the PokerStars twitter account: “we might be bias, but we think you’ll get the best with us! Also, you can download our iPhone app. Do you have a chip set yet?” In reference to the influential group of people who live near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Ross tweeted back, “no! What is a chip set! If its anything like the Chipping Norton set you can keep it…” PokerStars was quick to tweet back, “haha! It’s a lovely shiny box, filled with beautiful poker chips & playing cards so that you can play with friends at home!”

We hope that Jonathan Ross got all of the help he needed to choose a good poker room. And who knows….if he falls in love with poker, maybe we’ll see him playing alongside Coren, Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott and Sam Trickett on TV someday. Our advice to Jonathan Ross, and to anyone else starting out in online poker, would be to secure himself a top rakeback deal – so that he gets cashback whether he’s winning or losing. And if you know someone looking to play online poker then refer a friend to RakeTheRake, and you’ll earn money on all the poker they play – for as long as they play!

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