PokerStars Zoom Poker leads to More Bonuses

Posted on by RTR Dave

Playing one online poker table at a time can be agonizing because you have to wait for other players to make decisions before it’s your turn to act. One answer to the problem of this agonizingly slow pace is multi-tabling, which enables you to play two or more tables at once. However, the common complaint with multitabling is that it makes many players feel too rushed.

Enter PokerStars Zoom, which just might be the happy medium that many online poker players are looking for. This new innovation from PokerStars greatly speeds up the game, while at the same time allowing players to move at their own pace.

Zoom Poker works by instantly moving players to a new table as soon as they fold a hand. For example, if you’re dealt 2-7 offsuit, you can click “Fast Fold” and immediately be transferred to a table full of new players. Assuming you decide to stay in a hand, you’ll be at the same table until your action in the hand is finished; at which point, you’ll be taken to a different table.

As you can see, PokerStars Zoom drastically cuts down on the idle time you spend waiting for others to play out a hand. In addition to this, Zoom also significantly increases the amount of bonuses you’ll be earning at PokerStars because you’re playing more hands per hour. In fact, the average player should be able to get in over 200 poker hands per hour with PokerStars Zoom!

Currently, Stars is only offering Zoom Poker in their play-money section because it’s in beta testing. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can join one of the Zoom game groups in the PokerStars lobby. Each group is focused on specific stakes (e.g. $0.05/$0.10) and games (e.g. Hold’em poker), so you can choose whichever group you like the sound of the most.

If you decide to try out Zoom, make sure to sign up at PokerStars through RakeTheRake so that you get a 100% match deposit bonus up to $600. Also, those who are interested in learning more about this fantastic poker variation should watch the YouTube video on how Zoom Poker works.

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