Poker Tournament Rakeback: How it Works

Posted on by RTR Dave

The basic concept of online poker rakeback is fairly easy to understand since it merely involves affiliate sites like RakeTheRake paying players back a percentage of their generated rake. For example, if you signed up for the 30% rakeback deal at Poker Heaven, and you generated $10 in cash game rake throughout the day, you’d receive $3 in rakeback ($10 x 0.30). But as simple as cash game rake sounds, poker tournament rakeback can be a little more difficult to understand for brand new players.

Many beginners think that poker tournament rakeback is based on the entire buy-in. In other words, if a tourney costs $200 + $20 to enter, a new player might think their rakeback was based on the total $220 buy-in. However, the reality is that it would only be based on the $20 tournament fee. So with the aforementioned 30% Poker Heaven rakeback deal, you would receive $6 back ($20 x 0.30).

Upon hearing this, some newer players might get discouraged and think that poker tournament rakeback won’t make much of a difference in multi-table tournaments (MTT’s). However, those who do the math will discover that rakeback deals can definitely be beneficial over the long-term in MTT’s.

To illustrate this point, let’s say that you play one $30 + $3 MTT every day; over a 31-day month, this would add up to $27.90 in money back under a 30% deal (31 days x $3 x 0.30). Sure this isn’t going to put you right alongside Viktor “Isildur1” Blom in the PokerStars high stakes cash games, but it’s almost a full $30 + $3 tourney buy-in.

Now if you’re a sit and go player, you can really earn some big money through rakeback. The reason is that SNG’s are much quicker to play than MTT’s, so you can put in a higher playing volume per day. Assuming you played 10 SNG’s with a $30 + $3 buy-in daily, you’d make $279 in rakeback each month with a 30% deal (31 days x 10 SNG’s x $3 x 0.30). Considering the fact that some pro poker players multi-table 8–10 SNG’s at a time, their rakeback profits would be through the roof!

But even if you are just an amateur player just beginning to learn poker and trying to get started in the game, poker tournament rakeback is extremely helpful in both MTT’s and SNG’s. Assuming you’re looking for some good rakeback deals, you can find plenty of them here.

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