PokerStars Sixth Anniversary Sunday Million offers $6.7m

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In celebration of their sixth anniversary, PokerStars held a Sunday Million tournament for the ages, guaranteeing $6 million! The actual prize pool ended up being $6,746,000 as 33,732 players anteed up the $215 buy-in, and $1,064,737 was set aside for first place.

With such a huge prize pool on the line, it’s no surprise that many of the PokerStars players turned out for this event. Some of the pros who fared well in the sixth anniversary Sunday Million tourney included Leo Fernandez (789th), Joao “jomane” Nunes (933rd), Chad Brown (1,500th), Martin Hruby (3,355th), Fredy “sirfreddy83” Torres (3,997th) and Randy “nanonoko” Lew (4,252nd).

After 13 hours of grueling play that saw all of these noted pros fall by the wayside, the 9-player final poker table was set. “orange6,” who came onto the final table with the fourth biggest chip stack, was the first player to be eliminated out of this group. Already crippled, he put his remaining chips in preflop with Qs-4s on a steal attempt; however, he got no help from the board, and “slyfox151” beat his hand with pocket 9’s.

With play now eight-handed, the players all agreed to let PokerStars work out the numbers of a deal based on chip counts. Once the numbers were in, the players were happy with the prize money distribution, and they put aside an extra $120,000 for the eventual winner.

After six more eliminations, the poker tournament came down to “slyfox151” (235,941,172 chips) and “blodders03” (101,378,828 chips) heads-up. Despite being at a 2-1 chip disadvantage, blodders03 was nearly able to pull even. However, slyfox151 regained command of the heads-up match, and was able to increase his chip advantage to 10-1. On the final hand, blodders03 shoved with Ac-Qc, but was called by slyfox and his pocket 4’s; the board brought nothing for blodders03, and slyfox151 collected the title and an extra $120k.

Here is a look at how the final table was played out in the sixth anniversary PokerStars Sunday Million event:

1. slyfox151 (Netherlands) – $480,761.38
2. blodders03 (United Kingdom) – $481,724.56
3. HesBluffingx (New Zealand) – $552,972.89
4. Paars_Wit (Netherlands) – $254,827.49
5. lalex-79 (Russia) – $225,028.27
6. SASHA 2908 (Russia) – $187,355.63
7. toode (Finland) – $590,482.92
8. baadger (Finland) – $239,269.62
9. orange6 (Israel) – $53,296.56

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