Fortune Poker Micro Bad Beat Jackpot

Posted on by RTR Dave

The bad beat jackpot is definitely one of the most popular promotions throughout all of online poker because it gives players the opportunity to get rich in a single hand. In fact, the Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot once paid out over $1.2 million to the players involved.

The only problem with these jackpots is that players often have to play $0.50/$1.00 stakes or higher to qualify for the prize. And most low stakes poker players don’t have the bankroll to play limits this high. Taking this into account, Fortune Poker has decided to offer a “Micro Bad Beat Jackpot” so that players of all bankrolls can participate. The micro jackpot will be offered for the following stakes:

Blinds €0.05/€ 0.10, minimum buy-in is €2.00
Blinds €0.12/€0.25, minimum buy-in is €5.00
Blinds €0.25/€0.50, minimum buy-in is €10.00

All of these limits give you an opportunity to win the Fortune Poker Micro Bad Beat Jackpot. You can unlock this prize by losing with four-of-a-kind twos or better on one of the qualifying poker tables.

Other requirements for unlocking the bad beat jackpot include at least four players being dealt into the hand, a minimum of €0.02 being taken from the hand as a micro jackpot contribution, the hand must go to showdown, and both hole cards must be used in the winning and losing hands.

When the Fortune Poker Micro Bad Beat Jackpot is unlocked, 35% of the prize will go towards the hand loser, 17.5% is awarded to the hand winner, and 17.5% is split amongst the other players dealt into the hand. As for the remaining 30%, Fortune Poker puts 20% towards reseeding the next micro jackpot, and they take 10% for running the promotion.

If you’re interested in playing for this rapidly growing prize, you should sign up at Fortune Poker through RakeTheRake. By doing so, you’ll get a 200% match deposit bonus up to €1,000 and 30% rakeback; the top rakeback deal is particularly handy as you’re grinding on the Micro Bad Beat Jackpot tables since a little extra rake is taken to seed the jackpot.

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