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When it comes to improving as a poker player, the general consensus is that poker strategy articles will only get you so far, so if you want to take the next step towards becoming a profitable player, it’s important to look into online poker training. With poker training, you get an opportunity to watch videos of skilled players grinding and giving tips on their play. So if you want to learn poker and improve your game using poker training,  you might find this concise guide helpful.

Cost of Poker Training
Most people think that online poker training is extremely expensive because they associate it with poker coaching, which can cost up to thousands of dollars per hour. However training sites are different because they offer much more affordable rates for players. In most cases, the cost of joining a poker training site is $30 a month, and this isn’t too outrageous for the average grinder. In fact with one of the best rakeback deals, many online poker players could easily cover training costs from thier rakeback alone.

Free Online Poker Training
One of the great things about poker training is that you can sample many sites for free. For example, DragTheBar offers free online poker training to RakeTheRake players who generate $100 in rake during any month. Assuming you’re able to rake $100, you’ll receive free DragTheBar training for an entire month! To access this free poker training offer, make sure to sign up at any of the poker rooms listed on this page. DragTheBar training provides you with over 1,000 training videos that were created by 40 professional coaches.

What Training Site is Right for You?
It’s important to find an online poker training site that caters to your specific needs. After all, some sites are especially strong in certain games like Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, etc., as well as variations like SNG’s, MTT’s or cash games. DragTheBar for instance are particularly strong in MTT’s, low stakes Hold’em and Omaha. So whatever your specialty, you should try and find a poker training site that meets your needs.

How Poker Training helps you win
No matter how experienced you are with internet poker, it never hurts to watch other skilled grinders play the game. Furthermore, you can pick up a lot of great tips by seeing somebody else’s take on poker strategy. And if you’re a total beginner to the game, you’ll especially benefit from training sites since you get to view successful players in action and giving advice.

Wrapping this guide up, online poker players who want to learn poker seriously and really improve thier game should definitely consider a training site. And even if you’re just a recreational player, you might enjoy watching some poker strategy videos that could better your game and help you make profits.

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