Poker Support Groups: Improve Your Game and Deal With Tilt.

Posted on by RTR Dave

You might not think it, but a support group is one of the most essential things an online poker player can have. When I say support group, I don’t mean some sort of recovering poker-holics meeting; I mean a solid bunch of poker playing comrades. Whether you’re a seasoned player, or new to the game and keen to learn poker; a group of poker-playing friends can be the best way to get new ideas and tips on improving your game.

Online poker is a solitary pursuit and a lonely game, and this can be felt all the more acutely if you’re experiencing some serious tilt. Tilt is a poker players’ term for that point at which you reach overload; your brain is frazzled; you’re tired and frustrated. Basically it means the game has knocked you off-balance; you start lucking out, and then you start making stupid decisions. All players will experience tilt at one time or another – it’s not a potential hazard; it’s an absolute certainty. The thing you can control is how you react when it happens. Try to remove yourself from the moment and think about the bigger picture; take the emphasis away from this bad set of hands and think about your long-term poker game. Take a break – nothing will get you focussed and back on form like time away from the tables to gather your thoughts and clear your head. And one of the best ways to limit the effects of tilt, or recover from a bad episode, is to seek the counsel of your poker support group – even if you just use the opportunity to vent to others about how much of a howler you just played! Chances are though, that your support group have been there too and will be able to offer some guidance and advice.

Poker site forums and blogs, and the relevant social pages like facebook and twitter are ideal places to join or start a support group – even if nobody is explicitly advertising a support group, these are obviously great places to find players in the same boat as you. You can always simply start to build a group when you refer your friends to online poker – introducing them to the game and starting out together is definitely preferable to jumping in feet-first on your own. Refer your friends to RakeTheRake and you’ll earn money on all the poker they play, and be giving them the gift of a top rakeback deal – what better way could there be to make a strong alliance in online poker?

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