Americas Cardroom showers players with $420k during Liberty Quarter Million

Posted on by RTR Dave

A sizable portion of the online poker community was already aware that Americas Cardroom were set to hold their largest poker tournament ever in the shape of the Liberty Quarter Million. But what players didn’t expect was that, in addition to the $250,000 paid out during the Quarter Million, yet another $170,000 would simultaneously be paid out through a bad beat jackpot! You can read exactly how this happened in the following two stories.

“CrazyMichael1” wins Liberty Quarter Million
Americas Cardroom celebrated the usually sad occasion of Black Friday in style by running the aforementioned $250k Guaranteed. Not surprisingly, a large crowd showed up to this event, with 1,096 players hunting for the $50,000 first place prize. Overall, 153 players cashed in the massive tournament, while first place finisher “CrazyMichael1” took the $50k top prize. “Tyson219” ($29k) and “Shelooked18” ($20k) also pocketed a small fortune after finishing second and third respectively.

“NUTTYNUTS30” unlocks $170k in Bad Beat Jackpot Payouts
While the Liberty Quarter Million was raging on, a small group of players were taking their shot at the Americas Cardroom bad beat jackpot. Players at this BBJ table were delighted to see “NUTTYNUTS30” and his quad jacks lose to “Ve6960” and his straight flush. After unlocking the bad beat jackpot, NUTTYNUTS30 earned just over $86k for being the hand loser, while Ve6960 collected $57k for winning the pot. Hand participants “jackHorner,” “Pureprofit4” and “Sour Sausage” weren’t left out of the party either after receiving $9,566 each for being dealt into the pot.

Following this huge day at Americas Cardroom, the site’s spokesman, Michael Harris, discussed the large amount of money given out by saying, “We’ve turned the tables on Black Friday by handing out an incredible amount of cash – way more than we even expected to.” He continued by adding, “We’ve had incredible interest in our Liberty Weekends, and the excitement level increased tenfold with another $170k added to the mix during the event. Online poker players can expect more amazing weekends ahead.”

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