PokerStars changes VIP Program to benefit Players

Posted on by RTR Dave

Those of you who are currently PokerStars members – or just thinking of signing up – will be interested to know that the world’s largest online poker site has changed their VIP bonus system to favor players. From now until the foreseeable future, players will be able to release their cash bonuses much quicker than in the past. The new rate of exchange is outlined below.

Bronze Players – Exchange 1,000 FPPs for every $10, released 60% faster than before.

Silver Players – Exchange 2,250 FPPs for every $25, 50% quicker than before.

Gold Players – Trade in 6,250 FPPs for each $75 increment, released 75% faster.

Platinum Players – Exchange 15,400 FPPs for every $200, 69% quicker.

Super Nova Players – Trade in 40,000 FPPs for each $600 increment, 60% faster.

Super Nova Elite Players – Exchange 100,000 FPPs for every $1,600, 60% quicker.

Looking at Bronze players as an example, they used to need 2,500 FPPs before unlocking $25. But with the changes, they’ll only need 1,000 VPPs to trade for $10 – thus the aforementioned 60% reduction. So the major benefit here is that you can get your cash bonuses much faster than before.

In regard to collecting FPPs, this requires some explanation because the rate depends on your VIP status and VPPs earned. Players earn 5.5 VPPs for every $1 in tournament or cash game rake paid – regardless of VIP ranking. So if you bought into a $20 + $2 poker tournament, you’d receive 11 VPPs. The following figure shows how many FPPs are earned for VPPs:

  • Bronze (no monthly pts. requirements) – 1 FPP per 1 VPP
  • Silver (750 monthly pts.) – 1.5 FPP per 1 VPP
  • Gold (3,000 monthly pts.) – 2.0 FPPs per 1 VPP
  • Platinum (7,500 monthly pts.) – 2.5 FPPs per 1 VPP
  • Supernova (100,000 yearly pts.) – 3.5 FPPs per 1 VPP
  • Supernova Elite (1,000,000 yearly pts.) – 5.0 FPPs per 1 VPP

Seeing as you can now get bonus money even faster, we definitely recommend that you sign up Pokerstars through RakeTheRake and start earning some serious FPPs/VPPs!

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