Carbon Poker holding $100k Race for Riches in July/August

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Carbon Poker have brought back their popular Race for Riches promotion again – but this time with a little twist! Instead of offering their traditional single-month race like in the past, Carbon have now extended Race for Riches over the course of two months. From the beginning of July to the end of August, players will be competing for $100,000 worth of cash prizes.

This Race for Riches will be broken down into eight races, with each offering a $12,750 prize pool. The top 250 Race Points earners in each period will receive cash, and first place collets $2,000. All you need to do to earn Race Points is play in Carbon ring games, SNG’s and MTT’s. Now here’s a look at the specifics of the $100k Race for Riches.

Race Periods
Week 1 – July 1st to July 8th, 2013, $12,575 prize pool
Week 2 – July 9th to July 15th, $12,575 prize pool
Week 3 – July 16th to July 22nd, $12,575 prize pool
Week 4 – June 23rd to July 30th, $12,575 prize pool
Week 5 – August 1st to August 8th, $12,575 prize pool
Week 6 – August 9th to August 15th, $12,575 prize pool
Week 7 – August 16th to August 22nd, $12,575 prize pool
Week 8 – August 23rd to August 30th, $12,575 prize pool

Prize Pool Distribution (Per Race)
1st. $2,000
2nd. $1,400
3rd. $1,000
4th. $700
5th. $500
6th. $400
7th-8th. $300
9th-11th. $250
12th-14th. $200
15th-17th. $150
18th-20th. $100
21st-25th. $75
26th-50th. $50
51st-100th. $25
101st-150th. $10
151st-250th. $5

Tournament Multipliers
You can multiply your Race Points by playing in designated tourneys throughout each week. Every select tournament that you play in results in a 0.1 multiplier. So if you played in two of the events listed below, you’d receive a 0.2 multiplier. Assuming you earned 1,000 points during a given race period, you’d now have 1,200 points courtesy of the 0.2 multiplier.

Daily at 19:00 – High Roller $25K Gtd (Deepstack), $215 buy-in
Monday at 19:00 – $10K Gtd (Deep), $60 buy-in
Tuesday at 18:00 – $12.5K Gtd (Deep), $109 buy-in
Wednesday at 19:00 – $15K Gtd (Deep), $60 buy-in
Thursday at 19:15 – $4.5K Gtd, $33 buy-in
Friday at 17:00 – $10K Gtd, $109 buy-in
Saturday at 23:00 – $5K Gtd (Deep, Turbo), $60 buy-in
Sunday at 15:00 – Sunday Big Ticket $150k (Deep), $215 buy-in
Sunday at 16:00 – $35K Gtd (Deep), $33 buy-in
Sunday at 18:00 – $50K Gtd (Deep), $109 buy-in

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