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Frequently Asked Questions

RakeTheRake offer the ultimate in customer service. We recommend that you take a look at the FAQs first as they are available 24 hours a day and you might find the answer to your question right now.

  • What is Rake/Rakeback?Open/Close

    Rake: Online poker rooms make their money by automatically taking a cut of the players' stake money; this is called the 'rake'. Typically the rake is 5% of every pot. Playing a few hundred hands a month soon accumulates a large amount of rake, and you could be paying tens of thousands of $$$ a year in rake!

    Rakeback: Players can get upto 80% of their rake money back through a rakeback professional.

  • Can I get rakeback on an existing account?Open/Close

    We can attempt to retag existing poker accounts. Please submit your retagging request here and we will look in to it ASAP:

    Retag requests

  • How is Rake calculated?Open/Close

    There are three basic methods of rake calculation:

    • Dealt Cards - If you are dealt cards in a hand then you are deemed to have contributed to the pot and therefore you are allocated an equal share of the rake taken. This is regardless of whether you fold straight away or not. If for example the rake taken on a particular table is $3 and there are six of you playing, then your rake consideration is $0.50.
      Examples: Cake, Party, PokerStars
    • Average Contributed - Similar to the dealt cards method as above in terms of the calculation, but you must contribute at least something to the pot. If you fold without contributing to the pot then your rake consideration is zero. If for example the pot on a particular table was $60 the rake taken is $3. Even if you contributed only $2 to the pot and there are six of you playing (but two folded pre-flop) then you get allocated a quarter of the rake as 4 people in total contributed to the pot.
      Examples: N/A
    • Weighted Contributed - You simply get allocated the weighted proportion of the pot that you contributed. If for example the pot was $60, the rake taken is $3. If you put in $2 to the pot then your rake consideration is (2/60 * $3) or $0.10.
      Examples: Unibet, Poker Heaven, Fortune, InterPoker, Carbon

    In addition OnGame work off their own Essence model which attributes rake to players based on some secret formula about winnings/losses.

  • How and when will I get paid?Open/Close

    Please see the appropriate poker room information page for full payment details.

  • Why are my stats not updating?Open/Close

    If an account is marked as 'Pending' it means that we are waiting for the tracking to be verified by the poker room. This can take up to 3 working days, during this time you will not see any stats updates.

    Please bear in mind that our reports can be up to 48 hours behind real time and we are unable to update stats at weekends.

  • Why do my account stats vary from those listed in my poker tracker?Open/Close

    In general poker tracking software is not an accurate reflection of the rake you have paid at any poker room. This is because they (the poker tracking software) tend to use the Dealt Method of rake calculation. This does not account for the majority of poker rooms on networks that use the Average Contributed or Weighted Contributed. In addition these systems do not take in to account bonuses that have been deducted or any transaction fees or other costs that a poker room might be deducting. Also the data that we get from the poker rooms for your rakeback statistics are often 24-48 hours behind real time whereas poker tracking software tends to be live.

  • Why is my rake negative?Open/Close

    Some poker rooms deduct things from rake before rakeback is calculated. Please see individual sign up pages for details of fees. Your account summary also provides a breakdown of monthly deductions.

  • Why do I have negative referral earnings?Open/Close

    Negative referral amounts occur when one of your referrals has incurred a negative rake at their poker room either because of transaction fees/fraud or bonuses.

    In the same way that you benefit from all the positive aspects when the player is earning rake, you are also affected by any negative rake for a particular player

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