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Jackpot Freerolls banner

JackpotFreerolls offer between 50-150 freerolls every month and if you win any two freerolls in a seven day period you could be eligible for a share of the $70,000+ jackpot.
There are even bonus prizes for finishing in the top ten in two freerolls.

Absolutely anyone can enter any of the freerolls (so tell your friends) but the Jackpot prizes are reserved for players who are members of a recognised affiliate like RakeTheRake.

You can see the next 20 upcoming freerolls in the table below. You can find the full schedule, full terms & conditions and all the passwords on the Jackpot Freerolls website.

How are passwords released?

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Poker Room Value Entry Limit Freeroll Start (GMT+1) Password Release Sign Up

How are passwords released?

The passwords are released 1 hour before the start of each tournament.

Before the passwords are released you will see a timer counting down to when the password will be released for the freeroll. Once the counter hits zero the password will be displayed in the table instead of the counter. See the screenshot below to see what it looks like when a password is released.

Jackpot Freerolls password release screenshot

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