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Feb 20, 2013

Win Big Prizes in Party Poker’s FastForward Challenge

By RTR Dennis

Fastforward challenge banner

As some poker players are already aware, Party Poker feature a fast-paced cash game variant called FastForward. On a FastForward table, you’re immediately taken to a new table as soon as your action is finished in a hand – thus cutting out the boring waiting time associated with regular cash games.

Assuming you already like this style of play, it’s definitely worth mentioning that Party Poker are running a brand new FastForward Challenge each week. This Challenge gives players an opportunity to collect big poker bonuses every week just for playing on FastForward tables. The size of the bonus depends upon how much you play as well as how many days of the week you hit a target goal (Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 ET). Below you can see how the target goals work:

Hit a target goal for four days in a week – 1 point per day = $5; 5 points per day = $15; 25 points per day = $35; 50 points per day = $45, 100 points per day = $75

Hit a target goal for seven days in a week – 1 point per day = $10; 5 points per day = $20; 25 points per day = $40; 50 points per day = $50, 100 points per day = $100

In addition to these prizes, Party Poker are also offering extra money to anybody who qualifies for a bonus for 12 straight weeks. This bonus prize is equal to the smallest prize that one earns throughout the 12 weeks. The 12-week bonuses are not subject to wagering requirements and are paid right away.

As for other FastForward Challenge prizes, these rewards must be unlocked by meeting requirements found in the “My Account” section under the “Bonus” tab. But if you’re going to be to be playing FastForward poker anyways, meeting the requirements shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Check out RakeTheRake's Fast Poker page for more info and videos on FastForward Poker and other fast poker options like Zoom Poker and Blaze Poker!