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Play Fast Poker at RakeTheRake

If you want all the action without the wait then check out the fast poker options available at your favourite poker sites when you sign up through RakeTheRake. Playing fast poker means you can play more hands than ever before – and of course this means more rakeback!

Choose from Fast Poker, Zoom Poker, FastForward Poker, Blaze Poker, and Speed Poker – available at top online poker rooms when you sign up through RakeTheRake. Play fast poker with the best rakeback deals and watch your rakeback soar!

  • Zoom Poker

Zoom Poker is the lightning-fast way to play poker from PokerStars for players who want all the action without the wait. Instead of players having to choose a different table, Zoom Poker lets players join a ‘pool’ or ‘group’ according to their chosen game – be it Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha etc. – while all the action plays out just the same as in a traditional ring game, but as soon as players fold their hand, they are automatically re-seated at a completely new table with different players and a new hand.

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  • FastForward Poker

FastForward is the turbo-charged speed poker format that’s all about more hands, more action, and more fun! Players can fast forward to a new hand with just the click of a button – if you don’t want to play the hand you’ve been dealt simply click the Fold Forward button and you’ll be dealt into a brand new hand right away. Without your opponents even knowing you’ve folded until it’s your turn to act, you’ll have been moved to a brand new Fast Forward table with different players and new hole cards. Fast Forward Poker is simply... faster!

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  • Fast Poker

Waiting – it’s the one thing so many online poker players hate. Now players can cut out all of the waiting time: Fast Poker allows you to play more hands in a shorter amount of time than ever before. Fast Poker plays just like any other version of the game, but the main difference being that as soon as your action in a hand is over with you’ll be taken to a completely different table with all new players. The aim is to cut down the waiting time and get in plenty more hands. And if you want to play a crazy amount of hands, Fast Poker allows you to multi-table too.

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  • Blaze Poker

Blaze Poker is the action-packed, fast way to play cash games online. Players join a huge pool of players (instead of just a single table) based on stake range. All the rules of your usual cash game still apply, but your opponents change with every new hand. As soon as you fold a hand, you are randomly re-assigned to a different table to begin play again – so there is no waiting for the hand to play out once you’ve folded. Blaze Poker means you cut down waiting time, and get in plenty more hands – and with the Quick Fold button you can fold even when it’s not your turn.

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  • Speed Poker

Speed Poker is the super fast new poker game, and it’s available on lots of RakeTheRake’s rooms. The instant fold functionality takes you to a new table instantly, meaning players stay in the action at all times. This revolutionary way to play lets players enjoy all the thrill and excitement of poker without having to wait for opponents to act. Joining a Speed Poker table enters you into a large player pool. Each hand is played as it would be on a normal cash table, but with the option to fold your hand at any time and be immediately sped off to the next available open slot at another Speed Poker table.

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  • Strobe Poker

Strobe Poker is the fast-fold poker variant for the OnGame network. Strobe plays just the same as the traditional poker ring game - but turbo-charged! Every time you fold you’ll automatically be taken into a brand new hand. There’s also the option to fold even faster and be re-seated at a new table if you don’t like your hand – simply select the fast-fold option to fold even when it’s not your turn. Don’t just face a table of players; face a whole pool! Fold fast and play fast with Strobe Poker.

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  • Fast Fold Poker

The Win Cake network joins the speed revolution with Fast Fold Poker to bring players a fast game and a whole new way to play ring games! Fast Fold deals players a new hand the second they fold – once players fast fold, they’re whizzed off to a new table with all new players. Fast Fold cuts out waiting time, and lets players see more hands and play more games, and ultimately get more poker action! If you’re need for speed is as great as your need for greed, then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can multi-table Fast Fold poker tables just like regular ring games.

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