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Poker news | Mar 10, 2023

Get Paid to Play: How RakeTheRake Can Help You Earn Money with Every Hand

By RTR Sarah

Get Paid to Play How Rake The Rake Can Help You Earn Money with Every Hand twit

Are you tired of losing money at the poker table? With RakeTheRake, you can turn the tables and start earning cash every time you play. Learn how to take advantage of the best rakeback offers and exclusive promotions available only through RakeTheRake.

What is RakeTheRake?

At RakeTheRake, we have arrangements with various online poker rooms to give back a percentage of rake to poker players who have signed up with us. The money our customers get back is called ‘rakeback’ and there are no hidden costs or fees for using RakeTheRake!

Poker rooms make their money by taking a ‘rake.’ This rake is normally taken directly from the pot during a hand which many players remain unaware of. Rake comes in various forms, such as tournament buy-ins and time collection, with the most common form being the small percentage of money taken from each cash game pot.

The best way to put some of that rake back into your pockets, whether you win or lose, would be to join RakeTheRake and take advantage of our exclusive offers and rakeback deals!

Social Media

Make sure to follow our Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to stay up to date on the latest offers available!

Rakeback offers

RakeTheRake has years of experience bringing you the best online poker rakeback offers in the industry. When you add the extra value from our exclusive promotions, our deals are unbeatable!

If you already have an existing poker account, we may be able to get it retagged to us for a rakeback/VIP program.

Find a full list of the poker rooms we work with and the offers available here.

Room Rakeback Cashback
Betfair 35%
BetKings 60%
Betsafe 67%
Betsson 67%
Bwin 55%
Coral 55%
GGPoker 85%
Guts 30%
High Stakes 27%
KK Poker 50%
Ladbrokes 55%
Natural8 60%
NordicBet 67%
Optibet 40%
Paddy Power 25%
Partypoker 55%
Pokerihuone 80%
Pokerstars 30%
RedStar 35%
Sky Poker 20%
Unibet 80%
William Hill Poker 64%
Ya Poker 27%

Free $10 Cash & $8 Free SPINS Tickets - Win Up To $1,000,000

In order to be eligible:

  1. You need to be tracked to partypoker through us and be a new player

  2. Deposit a minimum of €10 into your account

  3. Play poker and earn at least $1 in rake

How to Host the Perfect Poker Night twit 2

RakeTheRake Rake Chases (March 2023)

Rake chase: A promotion where players are rewarded for their individual amount of rake. Players are encouraged to reach different rake target levels and receive additional extra payment for this rake if they are successful in reaching certain levels.

RedStar $2.5k Rake Chase

You can earn up to 12.5% extra bonus with Redstar’s $2.5 rake chase. All prize and chase calculations are made based on RPV rake, where 2x points is $1 RPV gross rake.

To be in with the chance of winning:

  • You need an account at RedStar that was created through RakeTheRake after 1st Jan 2022

  • Your payment is determined by the highest tier that you reach in the table

€5,000 Rake Chase with Betsafe, Betsson, and Nordic Bet

All you need to do is rake as much as you can in order to receive the maximum of 17% rakeback!

For every €1 you rake, you earn 10 loyalty points. There are 20 checkpoints in this chase, meaning you can earn anything from €5 to €5,000 extra cashback.

When you sign up to any of the three rooms through us, you will instantly be boosted to the top level of the loyalty reward program. This means even more rakeback!

RakeTheRake Rake Races (March 2023)

Rake race: A promotion where players compete against each other to become the top raker and earn the biggest cash prize.

888 $8,000 Rake Race

Finish in the top 75 rakers at 888, during the qualifying period, and you can win a share of $8,000!

To be in with the chance of winning:

  • You need an account at 888 that was created through RakeTheRake.

  • If you already have an 888poker account, that is not tracked to RakeTheRake, then you could apply for retagging.

  • You must opt in to win a prize

GG Network $50,000 Rake Race with GG Poker, Natural8, and BetKings

If you finish in the top 150 rakers during the qualifying period, you can win a share of $50,000!

For every $1 you rake, you earn 2 points.

RedStar $35,000 Rake Race

Finish in the top 200 Rakers during the qualifying period and win a share of $35,000!

Betfair €10,000 Rake Race

Finish in the top 250 rakers at Betfair Poker, during the qualifying periods, and you can win a share of €20,000. All games, levels and tourneys count towards your points and the prizes are made up of a combination of cash and tournament tickets.

The total €20,000 prize pool is split into two separate fortnightly races, with each one paying out €10,000, meaning you have two chances to win the huge first-place prize of €1,200!

You earn 25 status points for every €1 you rake and you earn 30 status points for every £1 you rake.

Up to 25% Extra Rakeback Race with bwin, partypoker and Optibet

If you play poker with bwin, partypoker, and Optibet, you could get up to 25% extra rakeback!

All players will receive 10% extra rakeback minimum in prizes once they reach $10 in rake. The percentage of extra rakeback increases with the total rake of all our players - the more you rake as a group, the more everyone wins!


At RakeTheRake, we work with some of the biggest and most prestigious poker rooms in the world that offer freerolls. Sign up for an upcoming freeroll tournament today, receive your password and claim your place at the table!

A poker freeroll is just like any other real money poker tournament except there is no entry fee. It is completely free, meaning you can win real cash prizes without any risk.