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Poker news | May 17, 2023

Best Online Poker Rakeback Deals 2023

By RTR Sarah

Pexels photo 1796794

Here at RakeTheRake, we know how important it is to find the right poker room and what it can give back to you. Lucky for you, we have done the hard work for you and put a list together of the top online poker sites with the best Rakeback offers!

GG Network - Up to 60% Cashback

The GG network is home to some of the best online poker sites - GGPoker, BetKings, and Natural8. All three poker sites share the same incredible up to 60% cashback scheme for its players.

GGPoker - Deposit £10 & Get £60 Free Play OR Matched Deposit Up to $600

Fish Buffet Loyalty Points Program

The GG Network’s Fish Buffet scheme is a point-reward system that awards players as they break past certain thresholds or ranks.

There are 8 different levels to work your way up: Plankton, Goldfish, Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Whale, Platinum Shark and GGPlatinum. Plankton, the base level, offers a small percentage of cashback at 15% whilst GGPlatinum, the highest level, offers 60% cashback.

Players work their way up the Fish Buffet levels by earning points (FP). On average, players would be rewarded 100 FP for every $1 paid in rake and fees. Each time you ‘level up’, you spin the Fish Buffet wheel and get a prize. The higher the level, the bigger the prize!

Players have the option to choose between the Classic Fish Buffet or the Platinum Fish Buffet. The Classic option gives players randomised cashback each time they advance one rank higher, whereas Platinum Ranks gives them a weekly fixed percentage of cashback based on their rank.

GG Network $50,000 Rake Race

At RakeTheRake, we have an $50,000 exclusive rake race with GGPoker, BetKings, and Natural8.

If you finish in the top 150 Rakers during the qualifying period, you could win a share of $50,000!

$121,000 in Daily Leaderboards

It is possible to earn even more cashback at GGPoker, BetKings, and Natural8 by taking advantage of their promotions including their $121,000 in daily rake races!

Party Network - Up to 55% Cashback

The Party Network hosts partypoker and bwin. Both of these online poker sites offer up to 55% cashback for online poker players with the real money cashback program.

Those playing poker on the Party Network could claim back up to 55% cashback and earn cashback rewards after paying just $1.50 in rake. If you join the SPINS Diamond Club, a rewards VIP program tailored for their high value SPINS players, this number can increase to as much as 60%.

Partypoker - 100% Up To £400 + £40 Free Play

Up to 25% extra rakeback race with bwin, partypoker and Optibet

If you sign up with RakeTheRake, you could be earning up to an extra 25% cashback in our up to 25% chase.

All players will receive 10% extra rakeback in prizes as soon as they reach $10 in rake but the percentage of extra rakeback increases with the total rake of all our players. The more the group rakes, the more everyone wins!

iPoker Network

When you sign up through RakeTheRake to poker sites on the iPoker network, including Betsson, Betsafe, NordicBet, Guts and RedStar, you get boosted to the top levels of their scheme. This means players start to receive the top benefits straight away!

Betsson, Betsafe, and NordicBet - Up to 30% Cashback

Betsson, Betsafe, NordicBet, and Guts all share the same loyalty reward program which offers up to 30% cashback.

Loyalty Program

Betsson, Betsafe, NordicBet’s loyalty program means players can collect loyalty and reward points from the very first cash game or tournaments they play. The higher your rake at the poker tables, the better your rewards!

There are four different tiers to work your way up: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Star. Bronze, the base level, offers up to 10% cashback while Star, the highest level, gives players the chance to earn up to 30% cashback. When you sign up to Betsson, Betsafe, NordicBet, and Guts through RakeTheRake, you will automatically be boosted to Level Star.

€5,000 Rake Chase

Available to affiliate sign-ups only, those who have a poker account with Betsson, Betsafe, and NordicBet have the opportunity to earn a maximum 17% rakeback with their €5,000 Rake Chase.

Players can earn anything from €5 to €5,000 extra cashback each month.The more you rake, the more rakeback you will get!

RedStar - Up to 35% Rakeback

RedStar has been around since 2005 and since then the poker room excels in player experience, offering up to 35% rakeback to those who play online poker with them.

RedStar Loyalty Scheme

Level Red: The base level of rakeback offered by RedStar is 20%, where 50 Status Points can be converted into €1. Regardless of how much rake you generate during the month, you will not lose this VIP level.

Level Star: The highest level of rakeback offered by RedStar is 35%, where 29 Status Points can be converted into €1. To reach this level, you must earn at least 5000 Status Points or generate €500 in rake.

$2,500 Rake Chase

If you sign up with RakeTheRake, you could earn up to 12.5% extra rakeback each month at RedStar with their $2,500 Rake Chase.

$35,000 Rake Race

RedStar’s $35,000 Rake Race gives players the opportunity to win a share of $35,000 if they finish in the top 200 Rakers during the qualifying period.

Unibet - Up to 65% Cashback

Unibet offers players a generous amount of rakeback of up to 65% through their loyalty scheme.

Welcome Offer - Deposit & Get £20 + a £500 Playthrough Bonus

Unibet Loyalty Scheme

Unibet’s loyalty scheme rewards players with points for playing cash or tournament poker. Players earn up to 50% cashback on the rake they generate, with a potential boost of up to 65%.

The loyalty system has 34 steps, broken down into 7 levels. Players start earning rakeback from Level 1-1, which offers a maximum of 5% rakeback, and by Level 7-9 they could be earning a maximum of 65.1% rakeback.

For every 1c of rake, you get 1 Unibet poker loyalty point. Whenever you reach a new step, you unlock rewards such as cash, bonus points, tickets, and bonuses. Each time you level up, you are given the chance to unlock a bonus points multiplier which will reward you with additional bonus points as you play. From level 2 onwards, players receive an additional 1% rakeback in bonus points that is multiplied by the bonus points multiplier.