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Poker news | Aug 15, 2023

Which poker sites have the best freerolls?

By Rtr Lucy

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Are you a newbie looking to start practicing? Or are you an expert grinder wanting to try out some new tricks at no-cost to your bankroll? Then freerolls are perfect for you. But figuring out which sites to start playing on can be time-consuming and confusing. No more! With our who's who list of poker sites and the freerolls they offer, you can start playing today.

Freerolls are tournaments that cost you nothing to enter but from which you can still win a prize, and plenty of online poker sites are now offering them. They use the same format used by many expensive tourneys. Comprised of several levels, these tournaments have ante bets, as well as increasing blinds, before a predetermined number of players are rewarded at the end. Poker freeroll tournaments come in a range of forms and each poker room supplies different kinds at different times for different prizes.

Firstly, let’s dissect for you what kinds of freerolls are available:

Weekly freerolls

    The most common type of freerolls, these free online poker tournaments are part of a freeroll site’s weekly schedule and take place at the same time every week. The prizes offered can include cash, tournament tickets, and more.

    New Players Freerolls

      Some of the most popular tournaments amongst beginners, these are available only to new players right after they’ve registered to play on a poker site.

      Satellite Freerolls

        These feeder events allow you to play to win tickets to enter bigger real money poker tournaments for free.

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        For every poker site out there offering you great freerolls, there’s one of equally poor value. There are plenty of sites out there where the poker players must play for a very long time before even qualifying for the similarly time-consuming freeroll, and unless you’re a diehard grinder, not many of us have that kind of time. Some of the freerolls out there exist purely to get you to download the poker sites software, offering miniscule rewards. Trying to figure out which freerolls are worth your time and effort can be confusing and stressful, but no worries, that’s what we’re here for.

        Now with that said, let’s get started:

        888 logo


        An undoubtedly renowned platform, 888 needs no formal introduction. This website offers a wide variety of freeroll tournaments, and frequently too. Within the realm of 888, players can access different types of freerolls made for beginners, regular players, and VIP members. Notably, 888Poker hosts four distinct types of daily freeroll tournaments, some of which occur multiple times throughout the day.

        Player volume: Very high

        Competition: Medium

        Avg payout: 24-36 hrs

        A notable feature is the availability of $20 SNAP Free Tournaments, open to all players and held several times a day. For VIP members, there are Level Up freerolls that provide a chance to compete for a $500 prize every day. Additionally, a daily Level 20+ freeroll is designed for VIP players who have reached level 20 or higher, offering an appealing $500 prize incentive.

        Beyond these, 888 offers $500 First Depositor and $1,000 Depositor freerolls. These competitions offer significant prizes. The $500 option is available at least once every day, while the $1,000 Depositor's freeroll takes place twice every Saturday. To play these freerolls and be in with a chance of these tremendous prizes, you simply need to have deposited on their site within the week leading up to the tournament.

        888’s software and app are of the highest quality, easy to use and operate across several platforms. They offer a £50 welcome bonus you can use for a deposit to start playing in the Depositor freerolls for a chance at those hefty prize pools.

        Pokerstars logo 2


        PokerStars, a prominent online poker platform, distinguishes itself by hosting some of the most substantial freerolls in the online poker realm. It provides an engaging assortment of freeroll tournaments, ranging from those featuring sizable prize pools to frequent, smaller-scale daily competitions.

        Player volume: Very high

        Competition: Medium

        Avg payout: 24-36 hrs

        Those enrolled in the PokerStars’ Poker School have the opportunity to participate in two distinct freerolls—an everyday event and a bi-weekly Wednesday one. Notable among the offerings are the individual Sunday reward freerolls, which boast impressive prize pools, albeit tickets are required to gain entry.

        Among the featured freerolls, the Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll garners attention with a prize pool of $2,500, accessed by securing tickets through gameplay victories. This event occurs twice every Sunday.

        Poker game on table top

        The EPT Live Freeroll, a daily occurrence requiring a password for entry, presents winners with tickets for upcoming EPT tournaments. Additionally, the School Pass Big Bang Satellite, held twice each Wednesday, grants participants a chance to win Big Bang competition tickets.

        For those seeking good value, the Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll Big Value edition provides an alluring prize of $10,000, with entry secured through tickets earned in alternative games.

        PokerStars further entices players with a 100% bonus offer up to £400, as equally impressive as its easy-use and operational software that is also available to US players.

        Party poker logo 10


        This platform offers a remarkable variety of thrilling free tournaments to its members, catering to a diverse range of preferences. From tournaments like the $3 Daily Cash Boom, extending up to qualifiers for the Million Freeroll. Unlike typical reward tournaments, the site provides unique opportunities, including the $200 Daily Freeroll for all members and the $500 VIP Freeroll exclusively reserved for VIP participants.

        Player volume: High

        Competition: Medium

        Avg payout: From 8 hrs to 7 business days (depending on payment method)

        The $3 Daily Cash Boom tournament boasts a prize pool of $3,000, and entry can be secured by accumulating 2 points in SPINS across different levels, leading to qualification for a ticket. This engaging event takes place daily.

        Another tournament offering you the chance to win tickets for future events is the $2.20 Mini Satellite Ticket Freeroll. This open event is available to the public and occurs on a daily basis. Available to both VIP members and frequent players, the Million Freeroll 20x 2.20 Qualifier occurs daily and also offers elusive tickets to future events as the prize.

        However, the standout attraction among these offerings is the $200 Daily Freeroll, with a prize of $200. Entry becomes available approximately an hour before the event commences, and this daily event draws considerable attention. Additionally, the $500 Daily Freeroll extends a chance to VIP members to compete for a $500 prize, creating a sense of exclusivity in this daily contest.

        As an added incentive, PartyPoker players can acquire £40 Free Play Tickets.

        Playing cards lay in a messy pile

        Gg logo 5

        Similar to 888, GGPoker presents an extensive range of daily freeroll tournaments. These include daily $50 and $200 freerolls, along with daily satellite freerolls accessible to all members. For those with VIP status, there's the opportunity to participate in the $200 VIP freeroll multiple times each week.

        Player volume: Very high

        Competition: Medium

        Avg payout: 24-72 hrs

        While GGPoker's freeroll prize pools may be smaller compared to competitors, their strong association with WSOP Online allows them to supply free satellites that offer tickets, as their prizes, to advance to the next stages of WSOP satellite events.

        Among these opportunities, the "Step to WSOP" event offers a $21.60 prize. It can be entered by earning sufficient tickets through gameplay and is available daily. Also held on a daily basis is the Mini Satellite Freeroll that awards tickets for a future event and is open to everyone, as well as the $50 Freeroll provides a $50 prize, accessible for all members.

        Similarly, the $200 Daily Freeroll, featuring a $200 prize, is available for entry approximately an hour before its commencement each day. Reserved exclusively for VIP players, the $200 VIP Freeroll offers a chance to win $200 and takes place a few times each week.

        GGPoker presents attractive incentives including $50 in free tickets or a 100% bonus up to $600. With its consistent schedule of freerolls, GGPoker provides ample opportunities for practice and skill enhancement, complemented by appealing bonuses and impressive software quality.

        ACR logo

        America's Cardroom

        Every hour, this top poker site offers the opportunity to win $10 in real money. This frequent schedule results in more than 20 $10-freeroll tournaments being available each day; so, the more modest prize pools are understandable, considering the high frequency.

        Player volume: High

        Competition: Medium

        Avg payout: 24 - 48 hrs

        But the standout feature of this site is that it features On-demand freerolls. These poker freerolls work by commencing as soon as 270 players have registered – a unique feature that sets them apart. Think of this format as resembling a multi-table Sit & Go tournament. One caveat is that without a fixed start time, participants might be waiting around for a while for enough players to register to start the tournament. As soon as registration for one On-demand freeroll concludes, another is promptly posted.

        A distinctive perk of ACR is that you can partake in numerous on-demand freerolls without needing to deposit any money. Additionally, as you accumulate winnings from these on-demand freerolls, you also accumulate points, which contribute to your ranking on the weekly freeroll leader board and earn you even more poker bonuses. The top 10 players on this leader board are rewarded with a $55 tournament ticket, while the winner secures a prized $215 tournament ticket.

        ACR is a highly regarded site for poker freeroll's, often ranked first amongst US poker rooms, known for it's quality offerings and accessibility to US players.

        Untitled design

        Black Chip Poker

        Black Chip Poker's freerolls may come in various formats, such as standard tournaments, sit-and-go's, or even special event freerolls. This variety ensures that players can enjoy different types of poker experiences.

        Player volume: Medium

        Competition: Medium

        Avg payout: 24 - 48 hrs

        Like ACR, this site offers hourly $10 prize tournaments, so there's plenty of chances for you to win some of the prize pool in this poker room. Fail once? Just try it again next hour. Whilst the prize pools may be smaller it's still a good chance to get your bankroll going at no-cost to yourself. Even better than this is the multiple $50 freerolls they have happening every day, you just have to register and that cash can easily be yours.

        Again the standout feature of this site is it's On-Demand freerolls. It joins ACR as one of the few sites to offer these convenient perk, letting you play whenever you want (as long as there are others ready to join you).

        BCP also offers you the chance at additional prizes, the more points you earn, the higher you will rank on their leader boards. Not to mention the 100% match for deposits up to $1,000 they offer to new sign ups. The lower player traffic compared to some of the other sites means you are in with an even higher chance of winning some of these great deals.

        It’s hard to pick a favourite as whether you're a newbie or an expert or looking for money or ticket rewards, there’s no one size fits all. There are many options to consider when looking for which freerolls to play and which sites to enjoy: frequency, prize size, quality of the site and whether they offer satellite tournaments. Additionally, player volume and the level of competition are important factors to consider. Luckily for you, with our comprehensive list you’re now ready to launch your freeroll career, practice your play and dominate those tournaments.