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Free Poker

Free poker games are available on various platforms, be it online, or on mobile devices and many cater for the less serous poker players as the games are in the form of light entertainment, or set in a fictional environment where you can earn rewards of status and prestige against rivals and friends.

However, for the amateur poker player considering the move to the online world, or a complete novice wanting to try out a real poker game but without risking it all, there's the option of playing free poker.

This is a classic try-before-you-buy scenario as all the top online poker rooms offer a free poker option. Free poker enables players to play at the tables at the room, but with play money. It's not always necessary to download the poker room software either.Free poker is a good way to learn the game, become familiar with the software platform, practice what you know already and test out some new tactics. All without investing (or losing) any money of your own. You can make some daring and outrageous moves and bluffs whilst in this mode of play, whilst also honing the skills you will need once you are risking real money. Obviously though, you can't start earning any rakeback until you play with real money!

Once you have built your poker skills up to a reasonable level and feel confident, you can move onto the real money tables. Whatever poker game variant you choose to play, you can always benefit from a little extra help in the form of poker training. We offer free poker training to our players to enable them to sharpen their skills, strategy and ultimately increase their bankroll. It's important to keep on top of your game no matter how experienced you are.

And finally on the free poker theme, remember those freerolls out there. Every month the rooms and affiliates like RakeTheRake run special freerolls which you can qualify for, for a chance to win some free poker money!

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