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What is a freeroll poker tournament?

To put it simply, a freeroll tournament is a poker tournament that is free to enter.

These tournaments can either be live or offered on online poker rooms. They also tend to have a large entrant field as the tournaments are open to all players, but they still offer the chance to win from a prize pool.

A typical poker tournament will build a prize pool by accumulating entry fees from all the competing players, while taking a fee from the pot that the house retains. On the other hand, Freeroll prize pools are essentially gifted by the house to the competing players, but tournament champions will not always win real money. Some freerolls will reward players with points, merchandise and/or invitations to other tournaments.

Freerolls are not to be confused with play money tournaments, which require an entry free or buy-in with a certain amount of 'play money' and winnings also tend to be paid in play money.

Although play money tournaments are great for beginners to get some practice in the tournament setting, freerolls are an even better opportunity to test out your skills for free and win real money.

One type of freeroll that is extremely popular is a satellite tournament. These smaller tournaments serve as 'feeders' that deliver players to larger more prestigious tournaments, often rewarding the winners with free entry. You'll find satellite events online and in brick and mortar casinos, especially for events like the online WSOP and WPT.

While the most common freerolls are for Texas Hold'em poker, you'll also find them for other games like Omaha, plus casino games such as blackjack, slot machines, craps and video poker.

Freeroll tournaments are sometimes offered by sites or casinos as promotions for events, exclusive members or in partnership with affiliates.

This is where we come in...

We offer freerolls every single day for multiple online poker sites throughout the week, every single week. All you need to do is create a RakeTheRake account and you'll be able to see the passwords for the exclusive freerolls. Then simply head over to the corresponding site and find the tournament to compete for a slice of the prize pool!

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