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Poker Dictionary

A "min-raise"
The smallest amount you can legally raise in a poker game, usually the amount of the last bet.

Drawing Dead
Drawing dead means there is no card the player can catch on any future street that will give them a win. If you have a Royal Flush in spades, the whole world is drawing dead.

In 2008 it emerged that at least one individual, possibly more, involved in the operational side of Absolute and UltimateBet Poker was allegedly hacking in to the poker software and gaining access to players hole cards in real time whilst simultaneously playing them online. Numerous players including well known names were defrauded out of millions of $$. These players were nicknamed 'superusers'. After a thorough investigation the people involved were subsequently removed from their positions and millions of dollars in lost funds were returned to multiple players.

Boardlock is used mostly in Razz, where you are able to see so much of your opponents hand you can tell if they are drawing dead.

Everyone has to use at least two of the four face-up cards in their hand to make a final five-card hand. If they have 8-9-Q-7 showing, the best hand they can make will have a 9 as the highest card. They are "boardlocked to a 9." In this example, they are boardlocked to a 98, so 9832A is the best hand they can have. Any hand less than a 98, will win.

Razz, the "R" in HORSE, is a stud-type poker game almost always played as a limit game, rather than pot limit or no limit. In Razz, the winning hand shows down the lowest unpaired 5 cards with no qualifier,. as in Stud or Omaha hilo, where the low hand must be an 8-lo or better.

Folding is when players discard their current hand and do not play the current round. It is usually done when players are dealt hands that are relatively unplayable.

During the betting rounds players have the option to match a bet or raise. If players decide to raise, then subsequent players will be given the option to re-raise. If playing a no-limit game, then players will also have the option of going all-in (betting their whole pot).

As long as no other players have started betting, then players have an option to pass. If everyone checks, then the game can proceed to the next round without bets being made or a player's hand being folded.

Calling involves matching a bet. It essentially matches the previous player's bet.

Limit and No-Limit
Poker typically comes in two varieties of games, being limit and no-limit. The former effectively eliminates bluffing, which means the maximum bet players can make is dependent on the table. Normally there is a limit on the number of times players can raise or re-raise.

Fish Players
Fish are seen by many advanced Hold 'em poker players as a way to make easy money. Essentially a poker fish is a derogatory term targeted at newer players who tend to spend large amounts of money on unwise poker plays. The sign of a poker fish is a player who plays too many hands, often raising when he or she does not need to.

Loose Players
In direct polar opposite of a tight player, a loose Hold 'em player is someone who tends to play too many cards. This is a player who almost never folds, constantly calls, or checks and tends to stay in post-flop on most games. Playing against a loose player is always a gamble.