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Poker Training Sites

Online poker is now one of the most popular online gambling games and many avid players spend lots of hours trying to turn their much-loved hobby into a sustainable income.

Since there are a number of intricacies to the game and subtle differences between tournaments and sit-and-go's, as well as limit and no-limit poker, many people have turned to poker professionals and asked for help.

There are now a number of poker training sites on the internet which, for a price, will teach poker rookies the art of poker.

Paid Poker Training Sites

There are a great number of subscription-based membership sites offering to work as poker tutors to teach advanced strategy and tournament play style. When it comes to knowing who to trust this is normally a case of doing sufficient research in advance to ensure that these training sites actually are who they say they are.

Many websites offer software "trackers" to try and help players to get better at the game of poker. However, while these utilities are legal to use and sometimes can be useful in tracking hand history, they do not teach strategy or money management.

When thinking about subscribing or purchasing one of these software products, remember that it may actually be more prudent to join one of the professional membership sites ran by pro players such as Daniel Negreanu and the team at Cardrunners.

While many training sites are available, several factors should go into making the decision on which your game would benefit most from:

What stakes do you play? Are you a STT(Single-table tournament) player, MTT(Multi-table tournament) player, or cash game player? How much money are you willing to spend per month for training?

Free Poker Training Sites

With the coming of the internet the online forum was born and there are countless free forums offering advice, tutoring and companionship when learning the game of poker. Many of these forums are completely free, with members ranging from the hundreds to the thousands. These are one of the best sources of poker training advice because the information comes directly from non-biased players.

Online casinos also often run a variety of poker training sites to try and entice newer players into learning the game and understanding the art of poker. Ordinarily, though, these educational resources do not go much beyond the basics. For efficient playing it is important to know the differences between tournament play, positional hands and other forms of more advanced poker game play.

Now that online video is so pervasive there is also an increasing amount of poker training material on sites like YouTube and Google Video. They can often vary in quality, however sometimes highly educational content can be found.