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Poker Money

As strange as it sounds, there's a lots of different types of poker money. Really. Money is money of course, but in poker there are a few definitions.

So let's start with real poker money.  This is where you deposit real money, hard earned cash, at the online poker room of your choice. This is your bankroll. And as you play online, your bankroll become depleted until you either win, or reload your account.

But when you're starting out you can also use play poker money. This is 'fake' money that is available at the online poker rooms to get you to try the game and to learn poker. In many ways this is a great way to get started with as there is no financial risk to you whilst you learn how the room's software works, the flow of the game, the betting rounds, the hand rankings and a bit of strategy.

The problem with play money is that players are looser than they would be with real money. When players lose they're not really losing anything so they take more risks, make random calls and bet more freely than in a real scenario.

So the key here is not to fall into bad habits just because you win with some weak hands. If you do this with real money you could end up losing a lot! This is where some free poker training could come in very useful to ensure you're ready for the move to real money games, or tom improve your real money game.

There's also some free poker money to be snapped up when you sign up at an online poker room. Don't forget to check out the bonuses on offer, the monthly promotions, VIP benefits and rakeback deal to work out the overall return you'll get on your play.

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